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Why waste your time to find the modules you need? Test them for hours to discover finally that coder forgot to fix tons of bugs? Add2Cart provides you with the most complete Online Store powered by Magento, ready to use. You must focus on marketing not on bugs fixing.
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There's all you need

Add2Cart makes very simple adding and modifying products. The Control Panel has a simple structure which allows you to efficiently organize your products.


Enhance your products

Upload easily the images of your products from backend. The resizement and optimization of such images are not a problem with Add2Cart. Give them a name and set a keyword, they will be indexed together with the product.

Add2Cart Magento Product Description

Insert a description

Describe your products. Give to your customers all information on your products and capture them with a clear product page. You can assign a different graphic template at every product page you want to distinguish.

Add2Cart Magento Payment Gateways

Payment System

Add2Cart include many payment system: PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Cash On Delivery and many others. Choose payment system that fit to your business model.

Add2Cart Magento Stock Management

Manage your stock

You don't need to check manually the stock, you just need to check the control panel. Add2Cart, thanks to Magento, gives you a powerful and flexible stock system.

Add2Cart Magento Wysiwyg

Manage Content
Create all pages that you need in your ecommerce store easily and quickly thanks to the Wysiwyg functionality that permit to insert text and upload images without .

Add2Cart Magento Customized Orders

Customized Orders

Keep your clients free to decide what matches their desires. With Add2Cart this is possible: you can now increase your clients' consumer experience on your ecommerce store, allowing them to surf in a smooth, clean, search-friendly website and choose among several options. There's no limit to your sales with Add2Cart.

Add2Car Magento Orders

Don't Worry about Reminders

Track orders made on your website, whether they have been charged, dispatched or delivered. Add2Cart will remind automatically pending orders to clients that have made a purchase on your website but have not already settled it.

Add2Cart Magento Order Process

Everything is under Control

Detailed information on orders made on your website and on shipping modalities. Contact details (email, phone number, etc.) and shipping address are displayed in a clear and user-friendly mask to make easier and quicker order processing. Add2Cart allows you to manage the processing phase and work tracking your company processes.

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