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Use all the tools available on the Web.

The choice among marketing strategies is unlimited: take advantage of all of them!

For a successful ecommerce store is vital to rank high in the search engines, to leverage social networks and to exploit at best all the available marketing tools.

Perfectly aware of this, Add2Cart allows you to integrate your ecommerce platform with all the marketing strategies available on the web. Search engines, social networks, price comparators and many other tools.

Add2Cart Magento Marketing
Add2Cart Magento Analitycs Module

Web Analytics
Keep under control your website activity with Google Analytics.Easy, efficient and no cost, Analytics is the world-wide used on line tracking system.

Add2Cart is also integrated with other famous tracking systems, first of all Woopra and Clicky. You can easily track conversion of your store using AdWords conversion tracking module inside Add2Cart.

Add2Cart Magento Seo Module

Seo Optimized
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of getting your website to rank higher in search engines, helping search engines recognize your relevance to specific keywords that people search for online.

Since based on Magento, Add2Cart is completely search engines optimized. Each store creates automatically optimized Url and always updated .xml Sitemap.

Add2Cart Magento Sconto Module

Add2Cart allows you to create promotional codes and discounts, which may be very useful to advertise your special offers and decide to associate them to a group or to a single user.

You can set a discount code and decide its period of validity, its value in Euro (e.g., 50 euros discount) or in percentage (10% discount), and much more.

Add2Cart Magento Kelkoo Module

Ready for online advertising
Add2Cart is ready for the most important advertising systems and price search engines. Among the preinstalled modules: Adwords, Zanox, Trovaprezzi, Kelkoo and Pangora. Moreover, we are collaborating with other operators to get the integration, find them in our partner page.

Add2Cart Magento Social Marketing Module

Integration with Social Networks
Your Add2Cart is ready to interact with Facebook and Twitter. Send automatic feed from your store to your Facebook and Twitter followers to keep them always informed on your latest offers. These are only some of the social platforms integrated by Add2Cart. Works in progress on other integrations!

Add2Cart Magento Adwords Module

Google AdWords
If in you deem that your internal resources to promote your website and power your online store are not sufficient, advertise your website and your products with Google Adwords. Add2Cart allows you to insert in full autonomy, with no efforts, the conversion tracking code provided by AdWords.

Add2Cart Magento Newsletter Module

Email Marketing
Track those registered to your newsletters and send them easily and quickly newsletters on your latest offers keeping trace of the results get through your campaigns.

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