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First SaaS Ecommerce, powered by Magento.

Add2Cart includes hundreds of modules and unofficials bugfixes seamlessly integrated

Add2Cart is the first SaaS Ecommerce Magento based that includes modules,templates and unofficial bugfixes that will allow you to have Enterprise platform at Entry Level price.Why settle for a hosting at the same price when you can have a complete platform for all? Add2Cart offers dozens of graphic templates to choose from, all free to be modified to your liking with simple html editor. Take a ride in our Theme Store and choose the one that, suited to your ecommerce.
Magento Frontend
Design Magento

Professionale Design
The graphics on an ecommerce is one of the most important trial of your customers. Having an ecommerce nice, neat and visually captivates you will sell more.

For this reason Add2Cart allows you to choose from dozens of Free Templates , developed by our team of graphic designers, and purchasing from outside companies with which it partnered Add2Cart.

Easy Ecommerce

Buy Them Easily

Add2Cart, just because it is based on Magento, allow your customers to buy without registration.This is one of the most important features of an ecommerce, leave the customer free to choose.

Not blocking the flow of purchase at checkout, the customer can decide whether to purchase without registering or register during the purchase by choosing your own password.

Control Panel

Everything under control
The control panel is very comprehensive and user Add2Cart easy to use and allows your customers to manage autonomously the relationship with the shopkeeper and the control of their orders.

Management and modification of an order, the possibility of ordering, checking order status and shipping, handling registration for the various newsletters, exchange of their data.

Ajax Magento Module

Semplify With Ajax
Add2Cart makes much use of new technology in Ajax front end, to speed up and improve some of the most often used functions such as adding to cart. Instead of updating the page and wait for it to load, the product is added to cart immediatly.The same process takes place for the sort of products based on particular attribute and much more.

B2B Magento Module

B2B or B2C
Among the most useful forms of Add2Cart is one of choice when registering between client and private azienda.Questo allow your customers to always enter the correct billing information and will allow you to be able to draw the profile of your average customer. Add2Cart also will, during registration, make checks as to the accuracy of the tax code and vat, alerting the customer when one has been entered incorrectly.

Privacy Magento Module

Add2Cart is in compliance with European rules and allows you to insert the text of the terms and conditions of purchase and especially as the issue of privacy during registration. The module is fully integrated in the backend and allow you to place the two texts together, one for privacy and for what conditions of purchase. You can also tell the system whether or not both are required.

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