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Add2Cart has Over 70 Modules and Bugfix for Magento

Improve, test, distribute. Having the right instruments is all the more important.

A solid, fast and fully-featured platform is the trump card in the ecommerce business. Businesses canít keep chasing a major presence online without having a good platform, not only to generate sales but also to engage with customers where they spend so much time.
This is why we do our best to improve our platform, to give you the best opportunity to scale your business and give your store an edge over competition.
Ecommerce | Backend
Ecommerce | Italiano

Available in over 40 languages
Add2Cart, thanks to Magento communityís translations, is available in over 40 languages. Compared to the Magento standard version, Add2Cart permits to set up the language with one click, without need to download it from the official website, and to update it automatically in no time.

Ecommerce | Sistemi di pagamento

Local payment gateways
Use your trusted bank for your store website. Add2Cart offers you tens of national payment gateways that make available their API to integrate the purchasing processes.
Click here to see the payment gateways supported.

Ecommerce | Regole Burocratiche

Get your business in order with local laws.
Add2Cart, thanks to a team of experts for each country in which it operates, lets your ecommerce platform to comply with local laws. You wonít waste time to adapt to any local requirement: Add2cart gives you the opportunity to dedicate your time to the important thing: selling.

Ecommerce | Automantenimento

Add2Cart keeps agile automatically. The system is conceived to delete log, cache and temporary files after a timeframe of your choosing (e.g. 72h), no bother for you. In this way, you can save a lot of space to store photos of your products.

Ecommerce | Password

It may happen that a client is not able to complete an order correctly or does not understand where to insert a certain information. It would be a pity to lose a client for such a small matter. Add2Cart allows you to enter into the clientsí accounts by using a global password.

Ecommerce | Import Export

Orders Import/Export
Not all businesses are happy with managing their financial data with the ecommerce platform. If you donít want to synchronize the CRM with your online store, Add2Cart makes available to you a module to automatically export orders in csv/xml, the most used format for this type of data.

Ecommerce | Spedizioni

Advanced shipping management
Add2Cart allows you to set up an unlimited number of shipping couriers and weights. You may customize your shipping catalog directly from the backend or through an excel file that will let you manage the shipping table easily and fast.

Ecommerce | Fatturazione

Advanced invoicing
Invoices are essential documents for the company, why donít make them elegant? Add2Cart makes it easy to customize your invoices with signature and logo. Our module is also set up to automatically calculate the end of the year, starting the new invoice cycle from 0.

Ecommerce | Statistiche

Advanced statistics
Keep under control your online store, understand the sales rates to forecast any fluctuation, track the profile of the average purchaser and much more. All these functionalities are made possible by the Add2Cart advanced report module integrated in the backend.

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