Your Ecommerce In 1 click.

Hundreds of customers have created their online store with Add2Cart. What are you waiting?

To open an Ecommerce Store you need an efficient, smart and easy to use platform. Add2Cart combines all the features necessary for successful management of your new Online Shop with a visual-friendly interface. Add2Cart provides you with dozens of fantastic graphic templates ready to be customized.

Ready to sell worldwide
Add2Cart has already been translated into dozens of languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Romanian) and many others, to give you the opportunity to sell your products worldwide, easily.


Full Assistance
We all know how important it is to work with confidence. For this reason Add2Cart provides you with a team of technicians, programmers and graphic designers ready to give you the answers you need.


100% Customizable
Create graphics for your store and make it exactly as you want. You may also purchase a template from our Theme Store and customize it using our customization panel.


Use your own domain
Use any top-level domain (.com .net .org .eu) you own to point to our server. If you do not have one yet, for any activated platform Add2Cart will provide you a new one for free.


Go Mobile!
Gain the market for mobile commerce with Add2Cart. All templates are optimized to be visited by the most popular mobile devices (iPhone, Android) with extreme clarity.


We Do All
All the boring part of the setup is automated.The only thing to do is enter your information, products, payment information and shipping rates. With Add2Cart your Ecommerce Store will be online in less than 5 minutes.

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