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From social networks to customers relationship marketing, from B2B to loyalty programmes, all is already arranged

Doing ecommerce means first and foremost attracting web surfers to your website and, once there, converting visitors into customers.Add2Cart makes available to you the most advanced marketing tools existing on the market designed for the ecommerce.

From most popular social networking channels, which make customers communicating with their friends on next purchases, to the possibility of managing professional customers through our B2B module.

Add2Cart Magento Marketing Modules
Add2Cart Magento Social Module

Social Marketing

Let your customers telling others how they appreciated your products through sharing tools of dozens of social networks and microblogging platforms. Moreover, with the Facebook LIKE button in a prominent place, reaching customers never looked so easy! Add2Cart let your customers easily sharing information on their purchases.

Add2Cart Magento B2B Module


For those doing B2B business, Add2Cart offers advanced B2B resources, such as the possibility to hide the price to people which are not part of a certain customer category (e.g. resellers), selective activation of those registered on its own website, discount percentage for those belonging to a certain category and much more.

Add2Cart Magento Google Modules

Analitycs and AdWords

Add2Cart allows you to manage Google, which is an important tools to help your ecommerce bring in more sales., in a very easy manner. You may manage your Analitycs account directly from the backend, looking at the most important information without having to leave your ecommerce. With the AdWords module, you may insert the tracking code of the conversions directly from the backend, with minimum efforts.

Add2Cart Magento Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

All the Add2Cart free templates are provided with their newsletter already set and ready to be used. Our design experience will bring you attractive and smart newsletter, allowing you to have a big edge over your competitors.

Add2Cart Magento Price Search Engine

Price Search Engines

Making your products well-known to the public is a fundamental goal to leverage your business. Price search engines are currently one of the most important channels for purchases by customers. Add2Cart interfaces with all the Italian, and many international, price search engines. With just one click you may get the file with the information to send to the price search engine.

Add2Cart Magento Order Follow Up

Order Follow-Up

It often happens that a customer, for whatever reason, does not fulfill the transaction paying the price for the purchase but leaves products in the shopping bag. With Add2Cart you may recover these orders sending automatically to the customer, after the number of days following the order you prefer, an email to sum up it.

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