360° Ecommerce Services

A world of services for the ecommerce at your disposal.

We believe that a service provider upon which to rely is the basis of all the big and successful projects.

Don’t matter if you are an established operator or a young professional which has seized the opportunity of the sector. We have always the solution which fits better for you.

All the services offered by Add2Cart are developed in house: we do not resell projects developed by third parties nor we commission to third parties the satisfaction of your need. Our solution allows you to save costs and timing of creating your ecommerce store.

Ecommerce 360 Services
Programmazione Magento Coding

To solve technical problems or creating a new function to boost your website what you need is a good coder.Why relying only on one person?

It is certainly more efficient choosing a team of PHP coders, like ours, Zend certified

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Web Marketing Web Marketing

To get the most possible value and revenue out of you store you need your ecommerce store to receive the right promotion. How to get it?

By arranging for your store to climb the search engines’ rankings and advertising your products with the pay-per-click system.

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Ecommerce Store Leasing

Store Leasing
It is the perfect service for people with a big idea of business and looking for a reliable partner to develop it without having to spend a lot of money in the start-up phase.

Working on a shared project will allow you to achieve your goal in a very little time and with a minimum investment.

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Ecommerce blog on demand Blog On Demand

Creating a blog alongside of your ecommerce store is very important, you will benefit from this instantly. However, you may not have enough time to manage and update it. Don’t care! We can do it for you.

Indeed experts have observed that in-depth articles bring the percentage of purchases far and away above the average. Every day we will post on your blog two or more SEO optimized post, which will attract new visitors and help you to rank the first page on search engines

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Assistenza Tecnica Ecommerce

Technical Support
It is a matter of fact that if your ecommerce store goes offline, even if only for few minutes, a marketing activity carried out for months may be inevitably frustrated. Why not relying on a team of experts?

Our support service can work on call on every problem in connection with an Add2Cart platform, or monitor constantly your ecommerce store to avoid the most recurring problems, enabling you to devote yourself to other important activities of your ecommerce store.

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Assistenza Grafica Magento

Graphic Support
Our team has the talent and experience to understand exactly what your business needs and create in few time an attractive and user-friendly graphic.

With a monthly little amount we will create for you personalized newsletter, landing pages, banners, facebook fan pages, video review of your products and many other marketing materials which will attract on your ecommerce store new customers, easily convertible in new orders.

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