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Store, Domain and Email Accounts incluted in every profile.

Add2Cart include everything you need to sell on line.

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Metodi di pagamento

  • Carta di credito
  • Bonifico bancario
  • Paypal

Transazioni sicure / Server certificati

Tutti i pacchetti Add2Cart comprendono

  • Hosting ottimizzato Magento
  • Prodotti illimitati
  • MultiStore Magento
  • Nessuna installazione software
  • Moduli di pagamento italiani
  • Metodi di spedizione avanzati
  • Modulo SEO avanzato
  • Personalizza colori
  • Personalizza layout
  • Personalizza html/css
  • Moduli per i comparatori prezzo
  • Carrello Ajax
  • Pannello EasyTemplate
  • Terms e Conditions professionali
  • Integrazione social network

Soddisfatti o rimborsati

Diritto di recesso garantito entro 10 giorni con rimborso.

Who uses Add2Cart:

  • slam
  • pininfarina
  • fabbricafeste
  • unghiemania
  • equitazionestore
  • flama
  • poseidon
  • slam
  • pininfarina
  • fabbricafeste
  • unghiemania
  • equitazionestore
  • flama
  • poseidon
  • slam
  • pininfarina
  • fabbricafeste
  • unghiemania
  • equitazionestore
  • flama
  • poseidon

10 FAQ Before Buy Add2Cart

1How long contract with add2cart is? Which are the relevant obligations?

The minimum duration of contract executed with Add2Cart for your ecommerce store is 1 month. After that you may ask termination from you customer area and the system will cancel your space and terminate the service at the first due date, without any penalty.

2 What happens if i exceed my add2cart profile’s storage or bandwidth?

The system will send you an email notifying you that your profile’s storage or bandwidth has been exceeded and suggesting you to upgrade your Add2Cart profile as soon as you can.

3Why only the highest add2cart profiles have ssl certificates? Shouldn’t they be standard for all the ecommerce?

All the Add2Cart platforms trust the management of payments due by their clients to reliable server of the selected payment gataway (e.g., Paypal). In this way we can guarantee to our clients total security of the transaction without need to be provided with a SSL certificate for its own ecommerce.

4Which files and folders are free, which are not?

Add2Cart is a system completely open, except for some folders containing copyrighted code, e.g. /app/code/local e app/local.

4Should i decide to close an add2cart platform, can i export my work?

Yes you can. In accordance with our Terms & Conditions, you can export at any time the full list of you products in csv, their photo and the full list of your registered clients at that moment.

6 Can i purchase if i am not provided with vat number?

No, you can’t. Our service is destined exclusively to entrepreneurs provided with VAT number and relations with Add2Cart and its clients are exclusively B2B.

7I’m not satisfied with my current ecommerce store and i would start building up an add2cart store; only once completed my new ecommerce store i would my domain name to point to it, can i?

Yes, you can. Add2Cart has created an ad-hoc guide to build up its own ecommerce store without putting it online until the startup phase or the process of importing products from your previous ecommerce store is not completed.

8Is the purchased domain name registered in my name? Will the domain name be mine forever?

Yes, the Domain Name will be immediately registered in your name and will be yours forever. You may ask the authorization code to transfer it as you wish starting from the second month of subscription.

9I’ve not already chosen a domain name for my new ecommerce store, but i would become familiar with your system, how can i arrange this?

You can purchase Add2Cart choosing a free sub-domain made available by us. Then, when you are ready, you may ask the reconfiguration of your store on the new top-level domain

10Are prices displayed on your website vat included?

Our prices are net of VAT between companies or professionals in the EU, and shall be paid by the seller, however for VAT not included in the European VAT Information Exchange System (VIES, VAT of the country of origin of the supplier would apply, which is currently equal to 24%. In any case, it is possible to ask to its own tax accountant to be included in the European VAT Information Exchange System and, once the VAT identification number is confirmed as valid by the VAT Information Exchange System, to ask to Add2Cart S.r.l the emission of the invoice exempt from VAT).
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