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Create groups of customers with specific payment methods or shipping details

You can decide that a particular customer group can pay within 60 days, or must pay by bank transfer rather than credit card. It's easy with Add2Cart: just assign the desired shipping and payment methods you want to exclude or include for the selected customers. This will allow you to refine your special offers and better categorise your customer segments to provide them with more favourable terms.

Manage the status of your orders the way you want

We have made the most of the flexibility offered by Magento not only in allowing you to easily assign the states of an order to methods of payment, but also in inventing new ones. You can even decide whether an order, rather than being displayed as "Completed" should include the statement "Printing" or "Order accepted".

Presales and Backorders

No need to stop at just selling either: you can also let customers reserve products that have yet to be released for sale, or products that are returning to the market shortly. Add2Cart allows you to manage many options for product orders, so you don't lose any customers even if the merchandise is not immediately available.

Emphasise discounts and status using customisable graphical stickers

If you have a product on offer, or if the product has just been released, let your customers know is good, but sometimes a note on the product page is not enough. Add2Cart includes a 'stickers' module that lets you to manage graphical tags on the photos of the products, all with fully customisable colours and shapes for maximum flexibility.

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