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Configurable by expert hands

Not only can you manage the SEO aspects of the platform, but you can create combinations that you did not think were possible. A SEO EXPERT may, for example, prefer a category called "Wheels", perhaps because maybe the menu is narrow, or because they do not need to for more precision. The desired URL of a specific category might be "wheels-aluminum-tempered. html" and, to top it off, the Meta Title of the page is "Wheels Aluminum" because it is shorter and graphically better.

All this and more can be configured within Add2Cart. You can manage your SEO in depth in order to get Google's attention without losing that of your customers.

Google Serp live preview

With the Google SERP live preview, you can see immediately how your product will be presented by Google on their own page and, therefore, to your customers. No need to wait to be indexed before correcting errors. Time is money—especially in SEO!

Zero errors

One of the problems with a fresh Magento installation is that it is not capable of providing good results in terms of indexing without involving a lengthy and complicated tuning period. But Add2Cart gives Zero Errors. This means when Google scans your store, you will not have all those typical Magento errors, such as duplicate content, URLs with SID extensions, or a sitemap that includes URLs that should be hidden from search engines.

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