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Simplified horizontal checkout

We have completely redesigned the checkout functions and, by studying the best examples on the market (Amazon, Zalando, Apple), we have created a horizontal checkout with these features:

  • All fields are visible without scrolling
  • The product and price are always visible to the side
  • The header has been simplified to avoid distractions
  • 4 steps to avoid crowding a single page
  • Images are used to denote methods of payment and shipping
  • Summary of customer data visible at all times

Offer payments directly on your page

With the new Add2Cart checkout, and thanks to the new PayPal and Paymill APIs, you can host customer payments directly in your checkout, without redirections, and with maximum security. All without the need to activate special protection systems such as SSL, as the transactions do not occur on your e-commerce site, but on the secure servers of the payment method that you are using. All thanks to the new, extremely powerful, PayPal Pro and Paymill APIs.

Reviews that sell

It is now proven that a customer who sees positive reviews written by people who bought an item is much more inclined to buy it. With Add2Cart, you can let your customers leave their own reviews of your products and you can manage them from the back-end, so you have everything under control.

Compare and Buy

Let your customers decide which of your products is best for them: Add2Cart offers you a feature comparison system that has no equal. More sales for you, greater satisfaction for your customers.

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