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We'll help you with every aspect, right from the start

Our E-Commerce Assistants will help you set up your e-commerce site. Contact them when you want, via ticket, chat, Skype or phone, and they will be at your disposal to make the set-up of your new online store as smooth as possible.

Customise your Template. Insert your logo and manage your new graphic design

Thanks to the EasyDesign panel in Add2Cart, you can customise every aspect your template to your heart's content. Change the colours, add banners, change fonts and insert new backgrounds. No need to be an expert graphic designer, nor will you need any knowledge of HTML: you will be able do everything from your Add2Cart configuration panel. The professionally designed templates included for free with Add2Cart are all designed to be read by the best search engines. H1 - H2 - Meta Title and Meta Descriptions are just some of the elements that we have optimised to help you to get into the top positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

I template professionali che Add2Cart ti offre gratuitamente sono tutti studiati per essere letti al meglio dai motori di ricerca. H1 - H2 - Meta Title - Meta Description sono solo alcune delle cose che abbiamo ottimizzato per permetterti di arrivare fra le prime posizioni su Google, Bing e Yahoo.

Add, manage and sync your products

With Add2Cart it takes just a few clicks to add your products, including photos, descriptions, quantities, and custom attributes. Do not worry about SEO: Add2Cart will optimise them for you.

Start accepting payments right away

No need to wait weeks to start getting paid by your customers, Add2Cart already has everything ready. Just enter your information. PayPal is the fastest way to sell. There's no need for bank contracts and they can accept all the world's major credit cards. Want to use your bank? Use your account by entering the POS data online.

Inform your customers

Do not stop at the product pages, Add2Cart does much more. We provide you with some preset pages, including: About Us - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy - Shipping, and Payments, that provide most of the information customers need about your e-commerce services. Add2Cart comes complete with ready-made Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages, both fundamental for compliance with Italian legislation on consumer protection and privacy.

All'interno di Add2Cart troverai gi pronte le Terms e Conditions e la Privacy Policy, due pagine fondamentali per essere in regola con la normativa italiana in materia di protezione dei consumatori e privacy

Manage your shipments list

Add2Cart places no limits on your needs. You can manage any type of shipper or list. Thanks to the panel for easy management of order shipments, all you have to do is decide the cost per weight, by postcode or by quantity, and the platform does the rest.

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency and Multi-Store

Get ready to conquer foreign markets. You can translate your products into all the languages ??you want, handle all the currencies on the planet, and create countless sub-shops and multi-stores that will allow you to multiply your online presence, all managed from a single backend.

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