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Unleash your imagination, without the need to be a graphic designer

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EasyDesign Panel: unlock your creativity

Add2Cart has designed its templates to ensure you can customise them with just a few clicks. This is why we created the EasyDesign Panel: a control panel for the graphic design that will allow you to change the look of your template in no time by inserting new backgrounds, colours, fonts, banners and much more. With the EasyDesign Panel, there's no need to be graphic designer to get professional results.

Promote your products

All the free templates in Add2Cart include spaces for adding banner and graphical promotions quickly and easily. Just add the banner image in the backend and it will automatically be placed in the template. In addition to banners, you can also create fantastic newsletters and send them out completely autonomously. Just add them to the backend, select the recipients, and Add2Cart takes care of the rest.

Oltre ai banner puoi creare fantastiche newsletter e spedirle in totale autonomia. Basta inserirle nel backend, selezionare i destinatari ed al resto pensa Add2Cart.

Hundreds of Magento-compatible templates at your disposal

When you choose Add2Cart, you choose the compatibility of Magento and its huge community. You can choose from hundreds of templates created for Magento and request free installation on your Add2Cart store. It's as easy as that!

Turn to professional graphic designers

You can also download a template, analyse it and install it locally so as to customise it exactly to your requirements. No limits to your creativity. If you have a doubt, a special request, or just a question, please contact our graphic design team who will help you best develop your project.

High quality templates

Choosing a free Add2Cart template means having the best in technology. Our free templates are not only graphically beautiful, but have been designed to offer the best performance from multiple points of view.

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