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Our Mission

Add2Cart Base

Add2Cart is a project borne with the aim of providing the final client who wants to face with the ecommerce world with passion and seriousness a professional, but easy-to-use, tool. Add2Cart, based on its use of Magento for about 5 years, desired to offer its experience to a public broader than those composed by big companies. For this purpose, it decided to apply its know-how to a platform which is the state of the art for building up an ecommerce store: Magento.

Our Team

Add2Cart team is composed by several different professional profiles, combined by a single ambition: creating a platform to be used both by small businesses and established companies without any know-how or experience in the ecommerce field.

Add2Cart is always looking for new talents to join Add2Cart team.
If you think to have proper requirements to work with us, send us your CV!

Graphic Team

Coding Team

Support Team

Accounts Team

Seo/Sem Team

Where We Are

Add2Cart has its head office in Romania, Timisoara. This city is a landmark in the East Europe thanks to the presence of lots of universities leading the world in computer science research and education.

Other offices are based in Spain, Italy, Netherlands and USA

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